Airbus call for standardisation of seats on long haul flights

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus has appealed to the aviation industry to standardise the seat width to a minimum of 18 inches for long-haul flights. This is based on a research conducted at London which has revealed that the quality of sleep can be enhanced if the seats are bit wider.

Airbus’ wings are manufactured in the UK. As of now, Airbus has a seat width of 18 inches for its economy class. The seats are wider in first class and business class in the long-haul flights.

Airbus claims that other manufactures don’t adhere to the quality recommendations and compromise on seat comfort by having narrow seats as per the standards set in 1950s.

Airbus has revealed the details of the research done by Harley Street Medical Practice, based on a series of tests that included observing brainwaves, chest, hip, leg, abdominal and eye movements. Sleep quality improved by 53% when 18-inch seats were used. Dr. Irshaad Ebrahim of the research team quoted that there were major differences in the sleep pattern as passengers experienced sound, longer, less disturbed sleep in 18-inch seats.

Airbus’ Head of Passenger Comfort, Kevin Keniston, said that if minimum seat width is not standardized to 18 inches, the comfort level of passengers would be jeopardizing in the coming years well beyond 2045, considering the delivery schedule and service life span of an aircraft.

Yet another generation of passengers will be forced to be confined to crammed narrow seats manufactured as per the outdated standards.