Alitalia sell off ancillaries through Sabra

Alitalia has agreed to sell off its ancillaries via Sabra Travel Network. Some of the ancillaries that it has agreed to sell include airport lounge access that passes through the GDS and the pre-paid baggage area. The deal will immediately become available for Italian agents to take advantage of with the other markets in Europe soon following suit.

The companies have claimed that for European agents this is the first offer of its time because the additional add-ons will be directly integrated via the GDS booking system and EMDs. Vice President of distribution at Alitalia, Aldo Ponticelli, stated that by selling services and ancillary products they will be able to increase their revenue and will help distribute services via both indirect and direct channels.

He added that Alitalia and Sabre have implemented the change in a very timely fashion that will make it effective to sell the ancillaries in both markets so that they can satisfy everyone.

Senior Vice President for EMEA Harald Eisenaecher noted that the agreement is a large step forward towards a new and more evolved way of product distribution and sales across the European market as carriers from around the globe look at new ways to make their products stand out.