Take your car to the airport with you and cut down on the stress

Travelling overseas on business can be a stressful experience, from the queues at the check-in desk to the discomfort on flights. One aspect of each journey can be headache-free, thankfully, with the help of companies like I Love Meet and Greet. These days, a drive to the airport makes much more sense than struggling to get there via public transport.

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The cost of standard car parking at any of the UK’s airports was often a prohibitive factor for air passengers, but it’s far cheaper these days. Whether you are heading from Gatwick to Grenoble, Cardiff to Copenhagen or Birmingham to Brussels, you can save a small fortune in the process by taking the car on the first leg of the journey to your destination.

For the business traveller, even one who is only going abroad for a day or two, getting to and from the airport on the public transport network can only add to the tension levels. In the UK, it’s often the case that the trains fail to run on time due to delays and cancellations, and when that happens there’s a very real chance that the individual won’t even make the flight.

The train may be poor, but the bus could be even worse

In a similar vein, the bus services in Britain can be just as unreliable, especially during rush hours when the traffic is at its worst. Motorways and major roads can soon become congested, and if you’re on a bus and watching the time slip away far too quickly for your liking, you may get to the check-in desk already feeling completely stressed out with worry.

Buses and trains can become crowded and uncomfortable, with the end result that you finally get to the airport terminal feeling overheated and sometimes even angry. There is something to be said for travelling there in your own car, at the temperature you set, listening to your favourite tunes and most importantly, leaving when YOUR timetable says you can.

Every business traveller has a number of options to choose from when leaving home to go to the airport. It surely makes sense to select the one that gives you the least grief and offers you the most comfort. If you have always used public transport in the past, perhaps now is the time to take a leap of faith and try something a little different for once.