Business travellers expecting to be in the air more in 2014 than 2013

A survey conducted recently by Frequent Business Traveller and Flyer talk reveals that 35.7% of the business travellers who were interviewed expect to travel more in 2014 than they did 2013. On the other hand, 47.2% expect to maintain the same level of travel. The study also found that most frequent business travellers had membership in certain flyers and participated in different hotel loyalty programmes.

They also embraced traveller loyalty in different hotel chains and different airline alliances. These people also had special preferences on where they eat or work. Of those interviewed, 93% were of the opinion that they wish to fly with specific airlines or alliances while 72% stated that they preferred staying in specific hotels.

As for the loyalty, close to 75% people had preference in staying in their favorite brand of hotel while 55% of the responded wouldn’t mind staying in their favorite hotel even when it is not conveniently located though the rest stated that they wouldn’t mind staying in another hotel. 86% of those who said they work from their hotel rooms stated that they do so often in their hotel rooms. However, 6% of the respondents said that they prefer to work from a lounge. Those who wished to work from the hotel’s lobby were just 1%, a decline of up to 7% from the previous report.

Two thirds of those who responded in the study preferred to eat from a restaurant that is outside their hotel while those who prefer their hotel didn’t change from last year’s percentage. Of these, 10% eat in restaurants while 7% prefer room service. The recent announcement for hotels in US to discontinue room dining may change this trend.

Of those who travel frequently, 93% wish to travel using a certain airline or alliance. Additionally, 75% of the respondents stated that they wouldn’t mind experiencing some inconveniences just to travel with their favorite airline.