Hotel chain offers wake up calls in local dialects

Jury’s Inn, the UK hotel chain, are making sure that their guests get to grips with the British culture by offering them wake up calls in local dialects. They are to offer this quirky service in all of their 25 hotels in the UK, and the greetings range from Glaswegian to Yorkshire to Brummie to what you would hear the young trendy say on the streets of Chelsea.

Guests merely have to go to reception to make their request, and they can also pick up an 8 page guide here which gives them a list of popular regional phrases from all around the UK. This collection includes such colloquial sayings as ‘boss’, meaning good in Liverpool, the Cockney ‘beef’ meaning trouble, and Derby’s ‘supwiyo?’ that translates to ‘what’s up with you?’

Suzanne Cannon is the marketing manager for Jury’s Inn and she has said that more tourists than ever are spending their holidays in Britain this year, and they wanted to extend a warm greeting to everyone by offering them a fun wake up call, thus allowing guests to experience the culture of where they are staying, or merely hearing the familiar accent of where they have come from.

She added that they were fully aware of how fascinating, but confusing, regional accents from around the UK can be, especially to overseas guests. The chain are hoping that they in particular will enjoy this new service and would see it as an amusing way to start the day and set them up for a days sightseeing in one of the 20 UK cities in which Jury’s Inn has a hotel.