Qantas ends association with BA to team up with Emirates

British Airways and Qantas airlines, have been in a joint venture for some time, but they have just announced that they are going to be ending this, as the Australian carrier has announced a new partnership with Emirates instead. BA and Qantas were in a joint venture since 1995, but they have recently announced that they are going to be bringing this to a close at the end of March next year.

It has been announced that the two airlines are going to continue to work together in terms of codesharing, however the majority of their joint-venture agreement is going to come to an end. The Chief Executive of Qantas is Alan Joyce and he has recently stated, “We have been working with British Airways over the last 17 years, and it has come to the situation now that the conditions have changed, and we feel that a partnership with a different airline, Emirates, is the right strategy for us to pursue.”

The new joint-venture between the two airlines is going to mean that prices and schedules are coordinated, and they have described it as a new era of global aviation. As part of the agreement, Qantas are going to move its hub for major European flights to Dubai, from Singapore. This however is going to be subject to regulatory approval, but it is expected that this will be granted in the near future.

The airline is going to be flying 14 Qantas operated aircraft from many destinations in Australia right into Dubai Terminal 3, which has previously only been used by Emirates. As part of the deal, it has been revealed the Qantas are not going to be giving up any of its slots to Emirates that is has at Heathrow.