TMC Expotel bought for £16m

TMC Expotel has just been purchased by Capita Business Travel as part of a £16 million deal. The conclusion  of the deal has been announced by Capita and it means they have acquired the largest hotel booking company in the UK. The sale also includes the Venues Events Management company that is also part of the purchased group.

The Chief Executive of Capita Business Travel is Paul Pindar and he has commented, “The addition of this company to our portfolio is going to mean that we have a great deal more expertise and also greater scale for our UK operations in the travel business. Expotel are a company with a great deal of experience in event and venue management, and we think that the company is going to work very well alongside our existing business.”

Together the company is going to employ nearly 900 people located in 10 different places across the country. Both of the companies were recently included as part of the top 10 in the Buying Business Travel list of leading companies in the industry.

It is estimated that together they have a gross revenue in regard to travel sales of around £500 million, based on figures from 2011. The acquired company made a profit of over £3 million last year, from a turnover of over £16 million. The company have such notable clients as BP, the Scottish Government, Virgin Media and the National Grid.

Mr Pindar continued, “The companies working together is going to mean that we are able to offer our clients niche solutions that are very bespoke to their needs. We are going to be able to offer travel propositions that are end to end, and this is going to be of enormous benefits to the clients on our books, as well as those who we are going to bring in the future.”