Travelodge back current trend for staycations

A budget hotel chain is suggesting that the ‘staycation’ is once again coming back in style but the survey suggests that about 66% of Brits are already planning on taking a domestic holiday at some point this summer. The trend first started in 2009 when the weaker pound and the global financial crisis led many to choose stay at home holidays because they were much cheaper.

The last few summers Britons have been largely heading back to the routine Mediterranean destinations but Travelodge is still suggesting that staycations are in high demand once again. As part of its annual holiday report the budget hotel chain interviewed 3,000 adults and found that 65% of the people in their survey had planned a British holiday which is a about a 20% increase over last year.

Out of those people, about 42% are planning their holiday to take some place on the shores of Britain and another 15% are planning out a two week holiday. The last third of those people have planned out several smaller holidays for the summer in different locations in Britain.

The survey also found that London would be a great choice for a domestic holiday as the large city managed to outscore The Lake District, Edinburgh, Dorset, Cornwall, and Devon. If domestic holidays did come back in style this would be a great thing for the economy as Travelodge predicts it would help boost the economy by about £12m as the average staycation costs Britons about £400.