Qatar Tourism Goes From Strength To Strength

With the World Travel Awards being set to be held on November 30 in the capital, Doha, Qatar Tourism is going through a sustained boom period. According to a leading consulting group, hotel occupancy in tourism hotspots there have risen 27 percent so far this year which beats out occupancy improvements in any other Middle Eastern or African nation.

This is good news for Qatar which is seeing increased attention now and will receive an influx of football fans visiting for the FIFA World Cup 2022 in their future. Though for future attendees, it is unlikely to be cheap. Revenue per available room (REVPAR) is up in the capital by almost 25 percent to just under $120, but surely football fans have time to save their pennies before that time.

The Qatar Tourism Authority have recently been talking up growth in tourism within the country. International hotel brands such as the St. Regis and the International Hilton hotel chain are opening new hotels there. Interest in four and 5 star accommodation is also growing at a 20 percent annual rate, so luxury travel is a key attraction.

The World Luxury Expo was recently held in the St. Regis Hotel in Doha. There is a growing interest in attending these events to see what new luxury goods will be available in the GCC region. In 2014, the World Luxury Expo will run both in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, continuing what has become a popular event in the region in the last handful of years.

Modern art is also becoming popular with the Qatar Museums Authority coming under a welcome spotlight recently by hosting the first solo exhibition in the Middle East for artist Damien Hirst. This exhibition has already received thousands of visitors keen to see the artist’s work and runs through until January.

The town of Al Zubarah now boasts the biggest archaeological site to have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage list of protected sites. The town on the coast is no longer inhabited but the National Museum of Qatar holds a collection of historical artefacts that have been found there on various digs since the 1950s, so anyone with an interest in history may find this a fascination visit.