Cancun now the number one holiday destination

If is the site to check out for the most recommended holiday destination, then Cancun would show up on top of the list this summer. Well connected by air and having sufficient hotels for checking into makes it the first choice on the popularity scale.

It was Orlando and Las Vegas which had been leading the list of popular tourist destinations until Smith Travel Research (STR) indicated the rise in hotel occupancy at Cancun. STR is a company that conducts research on the global hotel industry., which is also a famed travel agency had collected data from June 1 to August 31 for tourists booked through them for travel by air to various destinations. The online company also provides services like booking hotels, cars, cruises and has some interesting travel packages in their services.

STR report mentions that it has been Jan to March that Cancun has always been receiving inflow of tourists. This year the inflow taking hotel occupancy as the indicator has been far higher than any other year during the same period. It is in this period that the Cancun-Riviera Maya Wine Food Festival is held. There is also the New Year travel, spring and Easter holiday which all falls in this Jan to March time period. This year the occupancy of hotels at Cancun touched 79 percent for the Jan to March period.

The tourism to Cancun also received a boost with flights connecting to it from Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans. Sprint Airlines also added a new flight Dallas Ft. Worth to Cancun, therefore turning it into America’s number one tourist destination.

The summer period in Cancun has many interesting natural phenomenon for tourists to witness and thrill themselves upon. There are the Whale sharks which flock the beaches as there is ample plankton in the region between May to September.

Cancun has taken huge strides in progressing from a laid back fishing village to a tourist destination with its beaches, the entertainment which it offers the tourists and the other hospitality infrastructure which has been developed in the area.