African Safari

Luxury African Safaris

Africa is known as a mysterious place to many, but it is home to dozens of intriguing safari destinations in which you can see just about everything, both in terms of wildlife and natural beauty.  On a luxury African safari you can expect to see some of the following: breathtaking waterfalls, wildlife encounters that will both scare and excite you, gorillas and even the opportunity to sample a few exotic cocktails under an African safari Baobab tree.  The truth is that you cannot get much closer to the wildlife only seen in film than if you take time out and explore the option of taking a safari holiday.

Before booking a safari there are some options to explore because each safari differs in the type of activities that you can partake in.  For instance, some safaris include tours of the wild that allow you to get almost nose to nose with wildlife.  Other tours will allow you to see the vast and magical Namib Desert firsthand while also touring through the Victoria Falls, after which you can take a canoe ride down the Okavango River.

In a way a Uganda Safari is a great deal like a cruise, the only difference is that instead of touring through different ports and along the coastlines of a country, a safari through Africa takes you through the most scenic areas of the country.  There are many different locations for safaris including Kenya, Botswana, Rwanda, Malawi, Uganda, Namibia, and Tanzania to name just a few.  Which one is the right choice for you will depend on what you want to see while touring the only true wildlife kingdom left in the world.

Some of the specific sights to consider that you should add on to a possible itinerary include a trip to Botswana to see the zebra migration to South Africa, and herds of elephants that look like they are straight out of the Lion King rush over the plains on their way to the Chobe River.  From here many tourists choose to jump on a quick flight over the Great Rift Valley that reaches about 10,000km allowing for plenty of stunning sites and plenty of incredible views of wildlife in their natural habitat, which is an experience that no zoo can compete with.

There are actually five habitats that you can view in different areas around Africa including the acacia woodlands, open plains, thorn scrub, marshlands, and swamps.  If you plan your holiday safari with the right tour group there is a good chance that you will get to see each of these habitats as well as some of the metropolitan areas of Africa where you can purchase some unique goods.  While touring Africa also make sure to check out some village stalls for handmade goods that are unlike anything you will find elsewhere.