Marriott hotels offer the best in top quality accommodation

For years now, one name has summed all that is good about hospitality, and that name is Marriott. This leading brand has almost 3700 establishments and 17 brands spread across 73 countries and territories. They are a hotel chain you can trust and when you book a stay in a Marriott hotel you know you are of top priority while you are a guest.

Few hotels can boast the reputation that Marriott so richly deserve, combining luxury with practicality and relaxation. Business people who travel on a regular basis make Marriott hotels their accommodation of choice as when you are a long way from home, you want to return somewhere in the evening where there is a warm welcome.

Marriott, however, are not a company to rest on their laurels, and there latest foray into extreme hospitality, Courtyard. Found in over 850 hotels in 35 different countries, Courtyard is the kind of experience you suggest when you fill in those little cards that ask you how you have enjoyed your stay.

Contemporary meets classic at Courtyard, and throw some technology into the mix and its easy to see why it has become so popular so quickly. A short yet informative video highlights the reasons why you would want to stay at a Courtyard establishment, and quite frankly, it would be impossible to think of a reason why you wouldn’t.

The revamped bed rooms are the ultimate in stylish chic, offering a place to truly relax as well as getting that much needed rest. With Luxurious bedding and spacious bathrooms too, you may find yourself spending more time in your room than you planned.

When you do venture out of your room, the top notch bars, restaurants and facilities are all there just waiting for you to pay them a visit. Next time you are treating yourself to a short break and looking for a hotel, book yourself into a Courtyard at Marriott, and have the break you really deserve.