Mint Hotels expansion

City Inn has now become the Mint Hotel and is opening a new location in Amsterdam and in London.  The second hotel in London will be located at The Tower of London in Pepys Street, while the Amsterdam Hotel will be their first international location.

The hotel represents excellence in accommodations, customer service, and quality.  It was felt that continuing to carry the name, City Inn, was undervaluing the brand.  The hotel management feels much better served by the name, Mint Hotel.

The re-branding was conducted by a professional firm whose surveys of customers revealed that they felt that their experience with the four star accommodations was contemporary and up-scale, at fair prices.  The name simply did not relate to the product, and so a change was set about.

The timing of the re-naming and re-branding was not coincidental to the fact that the hotel is about to open world-class accommodations in one of the prime sites in Amsterdam and in London.  They realized that in order to get a message across about distinction, the old name and concept needed to be remodelled.

So, enter The Mint Hotel.  Representatives say the hotel believes that the name is reflective of quality and modernity, and reflects a commitment to excellent standards of a calibre much different than that of a city inn.

They believe it will be well accepted by current and past guest and usher in a demographic respecting the brand as a class leader, innovator, and exceptional City Centre hotel.