Positive Partnerships uses Twitter to share London’s best and worst hotels

Global digital marketing agency Positive Partnerships is helping hotels around the world leverage the power of social media with a free report to help hotel owners and executives measure ROI on this critical investment.

The tool has been released in conjunction with an in-house blog post that examines the best and worst of Twitter techniques in the UK capital.

Rajul Chande [Managing Director] stated, “With small hotels and big brands investing significantly in social media, hoteliers constantly ask us to help them understand whether this investment is yielding a positive return. And by doing this work we have noticed a lot of waste in the scramble to exploit all available platforms, whenever hotels are not extremely selective and savvy in how they use social media. For the first time we share our methodology for calculating hotel social media ROI in the free report below our latest blog post.”

With over 316 million active monthly users, Twitter now enjoys status as the world’s second most popular social media platform. Though challenged by other channels like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is thought to be particularly powerful as a digital marketing tool in the travel sector.

The hospitality industry is decisively in on the trend, with legions of hotels worldwide using the platform to connect with guests and generate new leads. Of course, not all campaigns are created equal, a factor investigated in the blog post entitled:   How 10 London Hotels Use Twitter: Best (& Worst) Practice

The analysis uses a series of case studies which explore the techniques deployed by some of London’s top establishments using many examples, comparing and contrasting approaches to highlight the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

For example, on the positive side, privately-owned boutique hotel The Beaufort highlights its generosity by running a year round ‘Win a free cream tea’ contest that ties in beautifully with one of its many complimentary amenities, as well as other offers which are carefully crafted to avoid devaluing the brand. The hotel also actively extends its reach by collaborating with influential bloggers such as Laura Porter  of @AboutLondon.

This allows a small luxury hotel to outrank its bigger rivals on social media through a savvy, influencer-led approach to Twitter management .

The Milestone in Kensington makes an art out of teasing guests with snippets of information relating to its services, amenities and USPs. While The Lanesborough wins plaudits for using its famed butlers as the mouthpiece of its Twitter account, with clever use of fun (rather than overtly promotional) hashtags like #remarkablyrefined and a playful style of communication.

However, the blog also notes many areas that London hotels fall short, or at least miss opportunities. For example, many tend to use a predominantly middle-class, UK centric voice rather than communicating in a more subtle way with a global audience who could be reached via  multilingual digital campaigns .

2015 also saw several high-profile faux-pas by hotels on social media, with The Hoxton receiving criticism for its insensitive Twitter tactics in January, using the #jesuischarlie hashtag in an inappropriately promotional way in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks (though to their credit they did later apologise).

The post – as well as the ROI report that comes with it – will be of interest to hotel owners across the world or anyone working with hotels in the marketing or social media function. Or indeed those who merely curious about what works and what doesn’t on social media through real-world examples.

To find out more about how London’s hotels are using Twitter as a digital marketing tool, read the full blog post at: http://www.pplimited.com/how-10-london-hotels-use-twitter-best-worst-practice/

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