Tap into a budget Etap hotel

Etap is a well-established and well respected chain of budget smart hotel accommodations, known for their reasonably priced, clean and cheerful rooms. They have several hotels in the UK including locations at Cardiff, Leeds and Sheffield.

In total they have close to 400 hotels spread across Europe in France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and even as far east as Poland.

Many rooms are available for around £30, although, currently, special offers booked in advance are possible for as little as £18 per night. These rooms are suitable for two, three or even four people. All rooms come with a double bed, but some are fitted with a double bed, plus a bunk bed, making them ideal for a couple with children. In addition one or two children aged up to 12 can stay with their parents completely free, making it a very economical option to stay with Etap.

The hotels are very continental in flavour and décor, and offer a great all-you-can-eat continental breakfast to match. The rooms are generally well designed and offer a surprisingly large amount of space, but do incorporate a small desk, a clothes rail as well as a TV and a small shower room.

All locations are carefully selected to be close to, major road networks, city centre attractions, or major travel hubs such as main railway stations and major airports, as well as hotels located close to Eurotunnel terminals.

Etap is currently running some excellent promotions, and are backing this up with a video campaign which you can watch below.