Vancouver hotels are also art galleries

Hotels and art are very common, but there are two very different styles when depicting art in a hotel. The classic, old school one was quite popular several years ago. A good example for it is the Banff Springs Hotels where the artwork reflects the taste of the clients. These hotels are usually visited by rich clients who have moneyed tastes. The most common art displayed there are moose heads, armor suits, paintings of fruit bowls and dark mountain vistas.

The other type is more modern and it is used by more and more hotels around the world, especially large hotel chains. The outfitters responsible for the appearance of the hotel buy bulk decorations and you can find paintings all around the hotel, but few of the clients have any information regarding a certain piece of art. The artwork in these hotels isn’t unique and it is repeated in almost every guest room, floor and hallway.

Lately, it is noticeable that many hotel owners and operators have started thinking more about their hotel’s appearance and the artwork it displays. A large part of the hotels in Vancouver have decided to turn their hallways and lobbies into a modern art gallery which depicts different types of modern art.

The best examples for such hotels are the Rosewood Hotel Georgia and the Fairmont Pacific Rim. Their approach to art integration is very unique and they have done a great job implementing modern art in the interior of their hotel. The Rosewood Hotel Georgia is a modern building from the 21st century while he Fairmont Pacific Rim was built during the 20th century, but was recently renovated and reopened.